May 9 / Spaghetti & Meatballs
May 16 / Leftovers (FREE)
May 23 / Rockies Pizza

Graduation 2018  

God's Blessings to our
2018 Graduates!
8th Grade - May 24
K4/K5 - May 23

Second Semester Mission Project 2018

Let's H2Go To Zambia is the official theme of the Our Hands for His Service (OHFHS) 2018 project. The project is organized by Wisconsin Lutheran High School and includes many of the WELS grade schools in the Milwaukee area. This year's project centers around raising money to purchase a fleet of motorcycles for the traveling pastoral ministry in Zambia, Africa and to help provide running water to a local school near the Seminary we have established there.

Currently, the motorcycles the church uses to send pastors and vicars out are at least three decades old. They no longer make spare parts, so if one breaks another motorcycle is taken apart and used for parts. Some congregations are two or three days away by foot, so adding more efficient transportation will allow more congregations to be reached more easily.

The other goal is to provide running water to a four room high school near the Seminary. The high school serves over 1,200 area kids and their chemistry and science lab has sinks and a variety of chemicals available for experiments, but there is no running water to the school. Providing running water makes experiments and various other school functions much easier.

Heart to Heart Parenting
Did you know that the WELS has a special program which features information on parenting by WELS parents for WELS parents? You may have seen some of the articles in the Forward in Christ magazine.  Click on the Heart to Heart logo to learn more!





May 2
Examination @ 6:30pm

May 6
Confirmation @ 9:30am

May 17th
WISCO Track Meet (Grades 7-8)

May 21st
Staff Appreciation Day

May 23rd
K4/K5 Graduation-6:00pm

May 24th
Last Day of School

May 24th
8th Grade Graduation Service @

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